Town Post Cards

I liked looking at old town post cards and wondered why it was hard to find New postcards of towns.

I found that in order to get them printed at a price people would pay, you had to print a lot of cards to get the price down.

I got a batch of Wallace NY post cards printed to promote "Where's Wallace". I run a business in Wallace NY and some of the business people started a group to see what we could do to promote the business in and around Wallace.

You can buy a Wallace post card from most of the places listed on the Where's Wallace page

I am going to make up post cards for other towns in Steuben County NY. As I get other town cards I will list them here.

If you wish we had a card for your town in Steuben County email me and ask to be put on a list to have a card for your town.

If you would like to sell our Post Cards in your store let me know.

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tc-bath.jpg (10253 bytes)


tc-Keuka.jpg (10253 bytes)

Lake Keuka


tc-savona.jpg (11538 bytes)



tc-wallace.jpg (10101 bytes)



Smokey's Restaurant I 68, Exit 37 Kanona NY Avoca, Bath, Savona, Lake Keuka and Wallace cards
Marietta's   Savona, NY  Savona, Lake Keuka and Wallace cards
Cross My Heart    Wallace NY  Wallace card



2012 G LSaltsman Enterprise






I get my town post cards from ViralPrint If you need printed products you should check them out.

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