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Hi, my name is Harry Saltsman. This is September 18, 1994 and what I'm about to do is write a little bit about the Saltsman Potato Digger. I have a book made up with a lot of pictures in it about the Saltsman Potato Digger. To start out with I have what they call a patent model of a potato digger.

When I was a young boy I went to my Uncle Raymond Saltsmans and in the attic there were two of these little patent models, I asked my uncle Ray if I could take one of the models home and he said sure. As I talked more to my uncle about the Potato Digger, he took me out back to a pile of brush and under that pile of brush was apparently one of the first potato diggers the Saltsmans made. This type of digger was a good one it didn't flop up and hurt you like some of the latter potato diggers did.

After checking it out and talking more to Ray Jr., he said he had some gears up there that were made out of wood, these wooden gears were used to make molds in sand to make new gears. When I retired in March of 1993, I went and picked up the Potato Digger and started to sand blast and put all new wood in it, at the time I started this project I didn't think it would take this much to do, all I wanted to do was clean it up with new wood and that was it.

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